What’s happening with The Undercurrent?

The Undercurrent has always been an ethereal organization. No one is really sure how it’s worked throughout its 10 years, just that it has always kept on going with a remote team of volunteers from across Canada. Somehow, papers were mysteriously submitted, an editorial process occurred, new volunteer staff came and went, and digital issues were published. The folklore even tells of a time when The Undercurrent gathered IDS students together from far and wide for a conference known as InSight. Well, the Internet seems to have advanced significantly in the last 10 years, to the point where people with International Development degrees can almost build their own websites. This year, technical skills and soft skills are coming together at The Undercurrent for a beautiful future. Here’s what the team’s up to now: Clarke  (Editor-in-Chief) has been bravely redesigning our site, working with professionals on all kinds of improved functionality for our submission process. In fact, this blog post is being written in REAL TIME while setting up the website. Clarke and I are talking on Skype, clicking around the back-end of this incredible thing, just taking a little break from our post-colonial theory and thinking about the HDI of various nations.

[quote align="right" color="#999999"]Somehow, papers were mysteriously submitted, an editorial process occurred, new volunteer staff came and went, and digital issues were published.[/quote]

Emma (Managing Editor) is busy busy sorting through the final reviews for the first issue of 2014 (the 10th anniversary!) to be published online this week.  Our Associate Editors (Ganeya, Vivian, Chelsea, and Leah) have toiled over word documents, commenting and tracking changes, helping the spectacular authors who submitted works of pure genius to refine their papers. The final product of the collaborative effort will soon be available. (And partially translated into our delightful second language by Gaëlle and Karina.) Faye (Outreach Coordinator) is tweeting for us, keeping us connected to the real world and telling you all about the opportunities she finds. Jess (Graphic Designer) has been designing our new materials, making us look spectacular everywhere we go. As for me, Amy (Communications Director), I’ve been scheming up a mentoring program that will launch soon, and how to roll out all the incredible things we can share with IDS undergrads through our new blog. Career resources and stories from the field will be posted soon. If you think that  being an undergraduate International Development student may leave you without technical skills, we’re about to prove you wrong! Slowly but surely. Once we figure out this WordPress theme. And learn how social media works. (Fake it ’til you make it, right?)

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