Upcoming UOttawa Conference!

The University of Ottawa’s International Development Students Association has organized an International Development Week (IDW) conference, to take place from January 30-31, 2015 at the University of Ottawa. This annual conference aims to unite undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, development practitioners and members of the general public to share knowledge and fresh ideas pertaining to international development. It includes workshops, presentations and interactive networking events -- such as a wine and cheese and banquet dinner -- and is focused on engaging and informing students in international development, promoting global citizenship and increasing cultural awareness and understanding. This year’s theme, “A New Era: Changing the World of Development,” was chosen in conjunction with the upcoming release of a post-2015 development agenda. While the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) have been an influential framework in shaping global discourse and driving the allocation of resources towards key international development priorities and improving policy monitoring, they have also been criticized for presenting an agenda rather than a strategy. The discussion on the future of development is thriving, and many ideas have surfaced regarding sustainable and long term practices, participatory discourse and innovative measurement practices. IDW 2015 seeks to discuss the failures and successes of the MDGs, how development is practiced today, and most importantly, focus on the best ways to approach development post-2015 in order to see a world without poverty, inequality and injustice. It seeks to discuss the changes occurring around us, as well as how these changes will affect the practice of development. It seeks to answer questions that will contribute to the future of how we approach development. It seeks to bring together individuals with a drive for change and a willingness to learn. The theme of IDW 2015 acknowledges the changes needed in order for development to be successful and how these changes can become a reality. Register today! Early-bird prices end after December 31, so hurry! http://en.aedsa.ca/registration.html   -Zahura Ahmed

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