Topics in IDS

The following list is not meant to be exhaustive; it is provided as one means by which authors may gauge the applicability of their submissions to the journal. Stand-alone terms have the words "and development" as an understood component of the topic. Indigenous Peoples' issues Activism Children and youth Civil society Colonialism and the processes of decolonisation Comparative and international politics Complex emergencies and intervention Corporate social responsibility Culture and development Debt Development administration / NGO management Development planning Developing area studies Economics Education Employment and labour issues Environment, ecology and biodiversity Ethics Finance Food and agriculture Gender issues Geopolitics Global governance Globalization Health Human rights and human security Humanitarian assistance Identity politics Information, media and the 'digital divide' Intellectual Property Rights International aid International Financial Institutions International political economy International trade Knowledge and technology transfer Law and justice (comparative and international law) Peace and conflict Population Population movements and emigration / immigration Postcolonialism Poverty and income inequality Project management & evaluation Questioning development / development critiques Race and ethnicity Regional development / regionalism Resistance Role of development studies Rural and agricultural issues Social movements Spirituality, faith and religion Theories of development & underdevelopment Tourism Urbanization and migration

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