Spring/Summer 2012



Bourdieu’s Social Capital and Save the Mothers

By Sarah Rostom


Fighting Globalization with Globalization: The Battle Between Indigenous People and MNCs in Peru

By Raly Chakarova


Type 2 Diabetes in Rural Guatemala: Disease Perceptions, Service-Provision Difficulties and Management Techniques

By Matthew Little


Rethinking agricultural land acquisitions as a form of agricultural  investment in Senegal

By Anna Vanderkooy


Safeguarding Women’s rights: investigating the effectiveness of the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW)

By Helen Bowman


Creating Closets or Communities? Homosexuality, Homophobia, and Processes of Change in Africa
By Bonnie Thornbury


Situating the Role of Traditional Midwives in San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala
By Dima Saab