Spring/Summer 2010

Philosophical Freedom and Underdevelopment

By Sarah Bleiwas


The International Anti-Corruption Crusade: Neoliberal Institutional Structures, Moralization, and Social Capital

By John Roden


Why Do They Fight?: The Political Economy of the Failure of Peace and Nation-Building in Afghanistan, 2001-

By Andrew Skinner


The Global Recession’s Impact on Cambodian Women

By Brookelyn Kirkham


Development in Equality: Bolivia and the Morales Administration

By Anna Vogt


Should We Keep It in the Family? Caretaker Preference for Orphan Care in Yako, Burkina Faso

By Miriah Hodgins


Cover Photos

Front Cover: An askari at the top of a hill in author Kuki Gallmann’s 100,000-acre wildlife conservancy at Ol ari Nyiro, Maasai

By Jaime Shedletsky


Back Cover: Woman in Hijab looking out over the Bosphorus, the waters that are said to separate the East from the West

By Julie Proder