Spring/Summer 2009

Articles Genocide? “Not on Our Watch”: Public Media, Civil Society, and the Implications of the Movement to "Save Darfur" By Sarah Hamdi   Entre structure et interaction: le partenariat politiquedes ONG international et des ONG locales au Sénégal By Marie-Hélène L’Heureux   Dirty Words: Essentialism & Eco-feminism By Kayleigh MacSwain   “Tired of the gang life”, but he had no other choices: A case study of the Jorge Dimitrov (Managua, Nicaragua) By Joëlle Pastora Sala   The Kerala Development Experience: Is it Economically Sustainable? By Morgan Wheaton Book Review A Critical Review of Lisa Lindsay’s Working with Gender (2003) By Emily Jansons Cover Photos Front Cover: Tree in Lalibela, Ethiopia By Kayleigh MacSwain   Back Cover: Condom distribution centre at a community church outside of Ugunja, Kenya. By Heather Sheppard