Spring/Summer 2008


Stephanie Diepeveen
Putting Empowerment into Practice:
Evaluating the Potential for “Development as Freedom” in the Millennium Villages Project

Jean-Benoit Fournier
“In the Wilderness with a Honey Pot and a Shrinking Pie:” An Overview of the Ecoviolence Debate

Sarah Custer
Economic Disadvantage in a Socialist, ‘Colourblind’ Society: Afro-Cubans’ Struggle for Equality

Louis Century
Crisis and Ideology in Development Studies: Why Thinking Matters

Megan Pickup
The Jubilee 2000 Debt Campaign: Inclusion, Democracy, and Diversity in the Global Realm

Cover Photos

Beth Hayward
Front Cover: Youth group in Lui Namabunga, Senanga District, Western Province, Zambia. Back Cover: Roadside shop along Great East Road, Zambia.