Shidan Cummings

  I am a PhD candidate in the field of Chemical Engineering, working with bio-polymers (plastics). Although I am not involved directly with the academic field of development studies, I participate in local service initiatives that mainly work with children and youth on a neighborhood level. My initial involvement with Undercurrent began at the InSight conference in 2009 whereI represented the Baha'i Community of Canada. Since then I have been looking after the publishing and graphics/web procedures of the journal and am happy to provide a sense of continuity to the staff. It is no secret that youth are the most vital motivating force in society, and a hope of mine is that through the journal and its auxiliary activities the field and industry of international development can be revolutionized.  I look forward to what Undercurrent has in store for the future and will continue to represent the Baha'i Community of Canada at the InSight conferences.

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