Photo Submissions (Front Cover)

The Undercurrent is currently accepting photo submissions to be considered as the cover photo of our February special issue. The February issue focuses on three gender-related themes:

  • How does being a young woman affect an experience studying, working, or volunteering abroad?
  • How will changing gender demographics in the Canadian development field affect the study and practice 
of development?
  • What is the relevance (or irrelevance) of contemporary gender theory to modern day gendered 
approaches to development?

Photo submissions must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The content of the photo reflects, or otherwise speaks to, the thematic focus of the issue
  • Photo does not contain offensive or egregiously graphic content
  • Photo is the individual’s original work
  • Photo is of a high digital quality, and in portrait orientation

Interested individuals are encouraged to see the Issues page for previously accepted submissions.

Submissions will be reviewed and voted on by the entire Undercurrent team. The winning candidate will be contacted by February 15th, and will be eligible for a travel honorarium to travel to the national student development studies conference, InSight, this coming May. The winning candidate will also be acknowledged on the front cover of the issue.

To submit a photo, please email the Editor-in-Chief, Clarke Foster, at eic@undercurrentjournal.ca, by February 8th, 2014. Please include the following information in your email:

  1. Name
  2. Photo title
  3. A short commentary describing the story behind the photo, where it was taken, when, why, etc. (around 300 words)
  4. A short biographical sketch (including name of university, current year of study, expected year of graduation, major or intended major, and e-mail address)
  5. Any acknowledgements (if necessary)