Our World This Week: October 10th – October 16th 2014

Our World This Week: October 10th  – October 16th 2014 This week saw the Vatican have surprisingly positive comments towards gays and same-sex relationships. However, the Vatican backtracked on these comments after they elicited furious outrage from more Conservative Catholics. Read more about the Vatican’s backtracking here. Also this week, the World Food Programme cut food rations to over one million people in Afghanistan. Ironically, this cut down coincided with the October 16th World Food Day which highlighted the World Food Programme’s progress towards 'zero hunger' even as emergencies flare up globally. Read more about the ration cutting here. Our World This Weeks brings you this week’s list of ‘trending food for thought’ from both a Canadian and international perspective: Canada: Harper sets November date for federal byelections in Ontario and Alberta– by Canadian Press November 17 is the date that the Harper government has set for two federal byelections. These will occur in Whitby-Oshawa, Ontario and Yellowhead, Alberta. The Whitby-Oshawa riding was vacated with Flaherty’s death in April, and Rob Merrifield, former Yellowhead MP, stepped down last month. Assisted suicide appeal puts all eyes on Supreme Court – by Lee-Anne Goodman The Supreme Court is hearing a Charter challenge to the prohibition against assisted suicide. This appeal, made by the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, could result in dying, mentally competent Canadians being granted the right to medically assisted deaths. Approximately 21 years ago justices upheld the law in a similar case. World: Kyrgyzstan moves towards adoption of Russia's anti-gay law – by the Guardian In Kyrgyzstan, a bill passed its first reading on Wednesday with a vote of 79 to 7. This bill is in favour of adopting a tougher version of Russia’s law against ‘gay propaganda’; it would mandate jail terms for those who create “a positive attitude toward non-traditional sexual relations”. EU will be hard pressed to deal with turmoil in Greek stock, bond markets – by CBCNews A financial crisis in Greece is coming at a bad time for the eurozone, which is already worried about deflation and a slowing economy. The Greek stock index has lost 12 per cent over the past two days. Moreover, just as the Greek government made plans to exit its bailout program, its bond market has taken a hit. Thought Provoking Read: How feminism and marketing became bedfellows — and how it's changing – by Chandra Johnson Marketing has changed dramatically since the 1950s. Campaigns are now designed to sell to women and a shift in attitude has occurred in relation to what women respond to. Johnson explores whether we are marketing real beauty or faux activism and explores the increase in cause-related marketing. Although the new feminist marketing approaches avoid being overtly sexist, profit remains the bottom line. Johnson argues that women’s empowerment and confidence have become marketing tools. Photo of the Week: Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Paris OWW Oct 10-16 As part of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month campaign (Octobre Rose in France), the Eiffel Tower is being illuminated in pink (Photo:  Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images via the Telegraph).

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