Our World This Week: November 7th – November 13th 2014

Our World This Week: November 7th – November 13th 2014 This week, the Captain of a South Korean ferry that sank in April - killing more than three hundred school students - received his sentence. Captain Lee Joon-seok was found guilty of gross negligence, and was sentenced to thirty-six years in prison. Thirteen other crew members also received jail sentences. Read more about the Sewol ferry trials here.  Also this week, there was an immense turnout at Remembrance Day ceremonies across Canada. Canada experienced record-breaking poppy sales, and local legions were swamped with requests from people wanting to lay wreaths. The National Post states that 114,457 Canadian lives have been lost in both World Wars, the Korean War, peacekeeping operations, and the conflict in Afghanistan. Lest we forget. Read more about Remembrance Day 2014 here. Our World This Week brings you this week’s list of trending food for thought from both a Canadian and international perspective: Canada: Harassment on Parliament Hill: Tom Mulcair proposes all-party plan - by Rosemary Barton In a letter to Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair, the leader of the NDP, called for the harassment issue to be addressed by getting all parties to work together to fight harassment on Parliament Hill. Mulcair said the "reality of a hostile work environment is one that is far too common for many Canadians, especially Canadian women." The nature of the allegations is not known and the suspended MPs, Scott Andrews and Massimo Pacetti, have denied any wrongdoing. Islamic State fighters ‘likely’ killed in strikes by Canadian jets – by Kim Mackrael Colonel Dan Constable, Commander of the Joint Task Force in Iraq, has said that a Canadian air strike on ISIS artillery in Iraq “likely” killed fighters within the extremist group, but did not injure any civilians. The artillery piece had been firing at Iraqi troops near the town of Bayji (about two hundred kilometers north of Baghdad) before it was hit. World: Catalan leader to step up independence push as 80% vote to split from Spain – by Ashifa Kassam With more than two million votes cast in Sunday’s symbolic vote, four out of five voters supported breaking away from Spain. Catalan leader Artur Mas called the symbolic referendum a “lesson in democracy, spelled out in capital letters.” Mas stated he would urge Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, to confront “the Catalan question” with a formal referendum. India Reaches Breakthrough With U.S. on Global Trade Pact – by Unni Krishnan India and the US reached a breakthrough agreement on food stock holdings. This agreement will allow the biggest trade deal in the World Trade Organization’s history. According to a US statement, "it was agreed that India will extend the world’s biggest food subsidy program until a permanent solution is reached." Thought Provoking Read: What the Big U.S.-China Climate Announcement Means – by Michael Levi Barack Obama and Xi Jinping recently announced new emissions-cutting goals for the United States and China. This announcement marks a diplomatic turning point, as it gets to one of the core of climate policy.  Levi explores how China is now approaching international climate diplomacy differently, how the U.S. target appears difficult to meet without implementing new laws, and the potential scale of the Chinese plan. Photo of the Week:  Ashura Festival in Hyderabad, Pakistan OWW Nov 7-13 Muslims worldwide are observing Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar. Pictured here Shia Muslims flagellate themselves during Ashura. The climax of Muharram is the Ashura festival commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (Photo: Nadeem Khawer/EPA via The Guardian)

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