Our World This Week: November 28th – December 4th 2014

Our World This Week: November 21st – 27th 2014 This week, former Governor General Michaëlle Jean was named head of la Francophonie. Jean is the first female leader of la Francophonie. While la Francophonie has largely focused on cultural issues over the years, Jean signalled that more emphasis will be put on economic matters.  Read more about Jean’s new role here. Also this week, there was a hack on Sony Pictures Entertainment's servers. This hack is one most debilitating hacks to ever target corporate servers. Sony’s entire network is frozen. Unreleased movies, private memos, employee salaries, and Social Security numbers are just some of the types of information being leaked. Read more about the Sony hack here. Our World This Weeks brings you this week’s list of trending food for thought from both a Canadian and international perspective: Canada: Canada lagging on animal protection: new global index – Colin Perkel According to a new global assessment, Canada has received a D rating on the animal protection index due to outdated anti-cruelty legislation and weak transportation laws. Canada’s anti-cruelty law remains largely unchanged since it was drafted more than a century ago.  In relation to farm animal transport, some farm animals go without food and water during transportation, which can be upwards of two days. Money Mart will buy your gift cards for half the price – by Kelly Bennett Money Mart is offering fast cash for gift cards: half the value of the card in cash. Tom Cooper, director of the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction, called the rate of exchange "absolutely reprehensible” and stated that he does not believe that “the payday lending industry should be profiting off of people in crisis.” Consumer Affairs Minister David Orazietti said the government will be responding to Money Mart's new promotion. World: Russia's Supreme Court Declares Jehovah's Witnesses Website Extremist  - by the Moscow Times The Russian Supreme Court ruled that the website of religious organization Jehovah's Witnesses is extremist; the ideas promoted by Jehovah's Witnesses incite hatred and division. The court found three of the religious organization's main books to also be extremist. UK announces a 'Google tax' to stop companies diverting profits overseas – by Vlad Savov The United Kingdom announced plans for a new 25% tax, dubbed the “Google tax.” This tax is intended to close loopholes that currently allow multinational companies to extract their profits to lower-tax states. The measure will come into effect April 2015, and it is hoped the tax will make it uneconomical for companies to evade their rightful tax responsibilities.  Thought Provoking Read: Egypt's Revolution Comes Full Circle – by Oren Kessler From Mubarak to Al-Sisi, Kessler concludes that Egypt has come full circle, only that this time it is worse. Then as now, the general population wants the downfall of the regime. Although protests are smaller, Kessler points out that Egyptians may have more to protest about this time. Photo of the Week:   Mexico City Protests Protester pushing his bicycle yells slogans while walking underneath a red cloth during a protest in support of the 43 missing trainee teachers in Mexico City Pictured here, a protester pushes his bicycle underneath a red cloth during a protest in support of the 43 missing trainee teachers in Mexico City (Photo: Henry Romero via Reuters).

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