Our World This Week: February 13th – 19th 2015

Our World This Week: February 13th – 19th 2015 This week, after being kidnapped from her Lac La Ronge, Saskatchewan home, Kayla Natomagan was found safe by RCMP officers in Manitoba.  The seventeen-year-old Saskatchewan teen was kidnapped on Wednesday, and Natomagan’s boyfriend was found shot dead in the home she was kidnapped from. Read more about the teen’s safe return here. Also this week, Mother Nature brought freezing cold temperatures and mountains of snow to Eastern Canada. Prince Edward Island experienced record snow falls, and schools closed across Maritime Provinces. Read more about the snow storm here. Our World This Weeks brings you this week’s list of trending food for thought from both a Canadian and international perspective: Canada: 17 Abbotsford Police officers under investigation for allegations of misconduct – Amy Judd The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner issued a notice on Wednesday that seventeen members of the Abbotsford Police Department are under investigation. There are 148 allegations against the seventeen members including corrupt practice, deceit, and neglect of duty. MPP takes stand on vaccines, refuses to sign constituent’s exemption letter for daughter’s MMR immunization – Ashley Csanady Northern Ontario New Democrat MPP France Gélinas turned down a request from a constituent to sign a form exempting the constituent’s sixteen-year-old daughter from receiving her measles, mumps, rubella vaccine (MMR). In order to attend school, the MMR vaccine is required. Youth can attend school without the MMR vaccine if a form outlining the medical or conscientious reasons for opting out of the vaccine is endorsed by a commissioner of oaths (e.g. MPP), notary public, or a justice of the peace. World: Haiti protesters call for 50 percent cut in fuel price – Euronews Protestors in Port-au-Prince, Haiti took to the streets to protest the country’s high cost of fuel. Haiti’s fuel is two-times more expensive than it should be given the international decrease in oil prices. Due to the country’s socioeconomic unrest, protestors called for the resignation of President Michel Martelly. Myanmar imposes martial law after rebel clashes in north – Amanda Hodge For the first time since 2011, the Myanmar government imposed martial law in the Kokang region. As clashes between rebel forces and government troops escalated, the government declared a state of emergency. The government ordered airstrikes in Kokang region, and 30, 000 refugees were forced to flee to China. The fighting was triggered by the return of rebel leader Phone Kya Shin, who spent the past five years in exile in China. Thought Provoking Read: Cancer Care for the Developing World – Lawrence N. Shulman Shulman argues that life-saving cancer treatments remain largely non-existent in low and middle income countries, countries which also possess the highest rates of cancer. Shulman posits that the most effective way to decrease cancer mortality rates is to bring existing treatments to developing countries, mirroring the mobilization of HIV/AIDS treatments. Photo of the Week: OWTW Feb 13-19 Celebrations got underway this week for the lunar New Year in China, the year of the goat or sheep. Pictured here is a performance at the opening festivities for the lunar New Year in Beijing (Photo: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images via The Guardian).

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