Global Health Special Issue 2010

LoveLife: Addressing the links between HIV/AIDS, rape, and gender inequality in South Africa?

By Juliane Collard


Canada’s role in the outmigration of medical professionals from Ghana

By Patricia Hansell


Is income inequality associated with tuberculosis prevalence? A global and regional analysis

By Jeanette Somlak Pedersen


Globalization from below: Health, Pharmaceuticals, Cuba and Red Scares

By Faraz Vahid Shahidi


Urbanization & the prevalence of non-communicable disease risk factors in India: A study of demographic, epidemiological & nutritional transitions

By Jaime Shedletsky


Commercial sex workers and HIV/AIDS in Thailand: Sex tourism and the globalization of relationships

By Arunan Sivalingam


Cover Photos

Front Cover: AIDS awareness poster in Lesotho

By Scott Naysmith


Back Cover: AIDS awareness poster in Havana, Cuba

By Kate Jongbloed