Fall/Winter 2009

Physician Brain Drain: Exercising Human Rights or Exploitation of the South? Understanding the Multidimensional Problem

By Polly Ford-Jones


Anarchy in the Horn: A Study of Clanship in Somalia

By Victor Platt


Migration and Education: The Brain Drain of South African Teachers to the United Kingdom

By Hayley Price


Environmental Refugees: Should the UNHCR Enlarge Its Mandate to Include Environmental Migrants?

By Nevena Urosevic


Reports From The Field

Tough Times: The Gendered Exploitation of Rural Children Living in St. Louis, Senegal

By Maxime Michel


Development and Education in Botswana: Report on the Naledi Education Centre

By Philip Martin, Sylvie Vigneux, and Gillian Buckle


Cover Photos

Front Cover: Saigon, Vietnam

By Michael Vieira


Back Cover: Between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan

By Michael Vieira