Fall/Winter 2007

Articles Katie Palmer Whatever Happened to Maria: An Exposé on the Relationship Between Filipina Domestic Workers and Their Female Middle-Class Employers in Toronto's Gentrified Neighbourhoods Ryan C. Briggs The Importance of the Aid-Rentier Model to Development Studies Beth Hayward Repackaging the Past and Commodifying Culture: Constructing heritage in "cultural villages" in post-apartheid South Africa Jennifer Reddy Madina Market Women: An Urban Journey toward Independence Dave Campanella DR-CAFTA: "Betting the Farm to Align with the United States" Karina Barker Women and Social Movements: Engendering Argentina's Piquetero Movement Grace Baey Going Back to Move On: Notions of 'Home' in the Context of Voluntary Repatriation Jennifer Pollock (En) Gendering Peace: Female Agency, Civil Society and Peacebuilding in Liberia Julia Buchan India's Food Policy Paradox Gemma Boag Bringing the Political into the Ecological: Understanding Development and Environmental Degradation Geoffrey Cameron & Rachel Yordy Making Progress? Evaluation Processes in the WUSC Plantation Communities Project in Sri Lanka Book Review Mark N. Nabeta & Daniel Lubavin Development After Globalization: Theory And Practice For The Embattled South In A New Imperial Age; Saul, John (2006). (Zed Books Ltd.: New York City, New York)