Story from the field: “Someone Else’s Mile”

Someone Else’s Mile By: Amanda Brissenden​ While working for Engineers Without Borders Canada in Kisumu, Kenya, I found myself traveling to visit a variety of water systems in the surrounding regions. This often meant jumping on a matatu, the local public transport, and arriving in a new town to search for people to talk to […]
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Story from the field: “The Americans Are Coming”

The Americans Are Coming By: Claire Sieffert In the second week that I worked at a Ugandan clinic for HIV/AIDS patients, the organization was due for a check-up. The donors had decided it was time for the clinic’s regular inspection to guarantee the good that they were purchasing was acceptable. Pre-visit, our colleagues’ mantra was “the […]
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Session Proposals

Call For Proposals to Lead Sessions at InSight  Theme: Borders Without Boundaries  May 28th – 30th, 2014 Brock University, St. Catherine’s, Ontario The Undercurrent invites you to participate at its 2014 conference as part of the annual meeting of the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID) at the Canadian Federation for the Humanities […]
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You Have So Much To Offer: Seven Networking Tips for International Development Studies Students

There were times when I could have been a lot better at networking during my undergrad in IDS. I could have built better friendships that would also turn into professional contacts, and I would have had more people to ask about what to do next when I faced major professional challenges. Almost two years out […]
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What’s happening with The Undercurrent?

The Undercurrent has always been an ethereal organization. No one is really sure how it’s worked throughout its 10 years, just that it has always kept on going with a remote team of volunteers from across Canada. Somehow, papers were mysteriously submitted, an editorial process occurred, new volunteer staff came and went, and digital issues […]
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2014 is the Undercurrent’s 10th Anniversary!

  2014 is the Undercurrent’s 10th Anniversary! The Undercurrent was born in 2004 out of InSight, a gathering dedicated to undergraduate International Development Studies here in Canada. Since then, through the nation-wide collaborative efforts of its volunteers, it has provided valuable experience, improved academic writing skills, and the chance to be formally published to hundreds […]
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