Jess Johansson

Jess is trudging through the writing phase of her Masters of Science in Limnology at the University of Saskatchewan. As a limnologist, she is all about all things “water” and has had the opportunity to participate in many exciting aquatic research projects in watersheds across Canada. It’s easy to see how water quality impacts our daily lives, and so Jess has taken a particular interest in communicating her research findings to local interest groups and the stakeholders of the lakes she has studied. Jess began to play around with graphic design and illustration elements in attempts to improve her presentations and get people excited about her research, which eventually brought her to the Undercurrent. She is really excited to be working on the journal’s 10th anniversary revamp, and the ability to flex her creative design muscles. Read More

Vivian Tam

Vivian is a third year student studying in the Arts & Science Program at McMaster University. After eye-opening service learning trips to the Dominican Republic and Peru, she is currently doing research with an NGO, the 53rd Week, to determine whether voluntourism is a best-practice concept. Since learning is her first love, she is as passionate about global politics as she is about biology, and is excited to further her understanding of how the world works. For now, she believes it is the product of complex interplay between politics, science and history- her favorite fields of study! Read More

Karina Fortier

Karina has been translating for The Undercurrent since May 2013.  She completed her BA from McGill University in 2013, majoring in Political Science with minors in International Developoment Studies and Middle Eastern Languages. She is now taking a nine-month trip to South America and the Middle East, throughout which she is up-keeping a journalistic blog:
Karina travaille en tant que traductrice pour The Undercurrent depuis Mai 2013. Elle a obtenu son Baccalauréat de l´université McGill en 2013, se spécialisant en Sciences Politiques, ainsi qu´en Études de Développement International et en Langues du Moyen Orient. Actuellement, elle entreprend un voyage de neuf mois en Amérique du Sud et au Moyen-Orient, au cours duquel elle maintient un blog journalistique:
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Ganeya Gajaram

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  Ganeya is a 4th year student at the University of Toronto pursuing an Honours Bachelors of Science in International Development with a special interest in Gender, Health, Governance, and Environmental Sciences. She is currently working as a Researcher for VSO Indonesia. She is a passionate individual who is quite outspoken about the causes she holds close to heart and strives to constantly explore new things (like surfing and riding a motorbike in Indonesia!). Read More

Faye Williams

Faye - Blog - 1
Faye is currently working on strategic partnerships for Grand Challenges Canada, while completing her final year of an undergraduate degree in International Development and Globalization at the University of Ottawa. Her previous experience includes a co-op placement with the Canadian International Development Agency, and an internship with Seva Mandir in Udaipur, India. She also teaches boot camp. Faye hopes to pursue a career in law and international relations, with a focus on conflict resolution. Faye works with the Undercurrent team to foster relationships with development professionals and academics. Read More

Chelsea Gray

Undercurrent Picture
Chelsea is a 4th year student at the University of Waterloo, working towards a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in the Honours International Development program, with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies and a diploma in Environmental Assessment. She is currently in Nepal for 8 months to work with Fair Trade Group Nepal as an Environment and Labour Assessment Intern. Her academic interests lie within the fields of human rights, armed conflict, poverty alleviation and economic development. A wandering explorer, passionate dancer and culinary connoisseur, she hopes to spend more time both working and studying abroad in order to increase her understanding of the world and all of its intricacies. Read More

Spring/Summer 2013


Articles The Double Burden of Disease: Combating Non-Communicable Diseases with Comprehensive Healthcare in Low-and-Middle Income Countries By Gillian Autton   Moving Towards an Alternative Approach: Human Rights, Internal Conflict and the Peacebuilding Process By Isabelle Jones   Product (RED): The Case Against Consumerism as a Form of Aid By Lanika Gallant   Dependency and African Football: A Critical Perspective By Rashid Mohiddin   Shooting The Messenger: The U.S. Government’s Self-Defeating HIV/AIDS Policy By Zoe Kavoukian-Scharf   Socio-Economic Determinants of Health: Developing Canadian Healthcare Policy Through Inequality Reduction By Kyle Ng Read More

Leah Bjornson

  Leah has been editing for the Undercurrent since early 2013, when she also became involved with The Peak: Simon Fraser University's Student Newspaper. Currently, she writes and edits for The Peak as the Associate News Editor. Leah is studying International Studies and Political Science at SFU, and has supplemented her degree with extensive French language studies. Her work culminated in a research project in Senegal last summer in 2012, where she worked with Senegalese students to examine youth employability, food insecurity, and the social economy. Read More

Joshua Patlik

Josh Kenya graduation
Josh graduated from the University of Toronto Scarborough's B.A. (Honours) program in International Development Studies and major program in Political Science. He is currently a Juris Doctor candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School.
He is a former Associate Editor and Managing Editor with The Undercurrent. Field experience includes stints in Vietnam and Kenya.
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Gaëlle Perrin

Gaëlle is a fourth year student at McGill University, studying International Development with a double minor in Economics and Environment. Originally from France, she loves traveling, learning about other cultures and ways of perceiving our environment. She is also passionate about sharing her own culture and language, and partly achieves that by teaching French to immigrants in Montreal.

En dernière année de baccalauréat à l'université McGill, Gaëlle étudie le développement international avec une double mineure en économie et environnement. Française d'origine, elle adore voyager et découvrir d'autres cultures et façons de percevoir ce qui nous entoure. Elle se passionne aussi au partage de sa propre culture et de sa langue, et donne des cours de Français à des groupes d'immigrants montréalais.
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