10 Posts in 10 Days: 10 Canadian NGOs to Follow in 2015

This year, countless Canadian NGOs led the way in the development sector, creating waves of change on an international level. This list, compiled by Devon Matthews, features 10 Canadian founded and operated NGOs. These organizations work on some of the world’s most pressing issues, including women’s rights advocacy and medical services provision. Check out their 2015 campaigns and consider becoming involved or donating to some of these amazing organizations in the new year!


10 Posts in 10 Days: Comparing 2004 to 2014

We are 10 days away from the release of the 10th anniversary issue of the Undercurrent! To celebrate this milestone, we thought we’d do a blog series: 10 Posts in 10 Days. Today, we kick off the series by looking back at what was going on in the world when the Undercurrent was created! Comment below if you think of anything else that happened in 2004.


Upcoming UOttawa Conference!

The University of Ottawa’s International Development Students Association has organized an International Development Week (IDW) conference, to take place from January 30-31, 2015 at the University of Ottawa. This annual conference aims to unite undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, development practitioners and members of the general public to share knowledge and fresh ideas pertaining to international development. It includes workshops, presentations and interactive networking events — such as a wine and cheese and banquet dinner — and is focused on engaging and informing students in international development, promoting global citizenship and increasing cultural awareness and understanding.


Pale Native: Memories of a Renegade Reporter

Pale Native: Memories of a Renegade ReporterChristie here with another edition of the IDS Students’ Bookshelf! The second book to be added to our bookshelf is Max Du Preez’s Pale Native: Memories of a Renegade Reporter (written in 2003). Prior to embarking on a field course in South Africa in 2013, I was required to read numerous books written by South Africans and/or about South Africa. This book’s title caught my attention, and so I borrowed my professor’s copy. 


Kelvin Chu

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Kelvin is a final year student at the University of Toronto, focusing on English and French with a minor in Italian. Although literature remains his main passion, he is also eager to learn more about the humanities and social sciences in general. His background in literary studies has taught him that literature and politics are not two disparate worlds. Indeed, many writers are politically engaged. But more importantly, literary works show us the power of imagination. Plutarch once said, “what we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” It is with his belief in the imagination of the youth, and in their power to make the imagined real, that he joins the Undercurrent. Within the field of international development, he has a particular interest in education, which he sees as a crucial social force that drives empowerment of the underprivileged.
Kelvin est étudiant de dernière année à l’Université de Toronto, se spécialisant en anglais et français avec une mineure en italien. Bien que la littérature reste sa passion principale, il désire également apprendre les lettres et les sciences sociales en général. Sa formation en études littéraires lui a appris que la littérature et la politique ne sont pas deux mondes disparates. En effet, de nombreux écrivains sont engagés. Mais plus important, c’est que les œuvres littéraires nous montrent le pouvoir de l’imagination. Plutarque dit: « ce que nous accomplissons à l’intérieure modifie la réalité extérieure. » C’est avec sa foi en l’imagination des jeunes, et leur capacité de rendre l’imaginaire réel, qu’il rejoint The Undercurrent. Dans le champ du développement international, il s’intéresse surtout à l’éducation, qu’il considère comme une force sociale cruciale pour la prise de pouvoir des défavorisés.

20 Websites Every IDS Student Should Know About

You’ve probably seen Buzzfeed articles pop on your Facebook newsfeed. With titles like “17 Things Anyone Who Has Built Ikea Furniture Knows To Be True”, these articles are a great (and hilarious) way to put off writing that analysis on microcredit schemes in Bangladesh. On occasion, however, these articles can be quite useful. Here at the Undercurrent, we decided to create an IDS-themed list to help you ace this semester.  We present you with…..