Staff Vacancies

Former staff of the Undercurrent are now doctoral candidates, logistics managers at large international NGO’s, and travelling development consultants, among many other things. Most are generally quite successful in their chosen endeavours.

The Undercurrent’s work this year involves the publishing of 2 issues, the organization of InSight (the national undergraduate development studies conference), the creation of a National International Development Student Association, the revamping of the Underblog, the second round of our mentoring program, the administration of our forum, and all the corollary work these projects entail.

* We are currently accepting applications for: *

  • Associate Editor
  • Faculty Editorial Advisor


Associate Editor

The Undercurrent is currently seeking an undergraduate associate editor. This position provides an opportunity to gain experience in the process of peer-review and publication, and to learn about and contribute to the functioning of an undergraduate academic journal. As positions in the management of The Undercurrent become available in the future, associate editors will be well positioned to apply. Bilingual (French and English) students, with an ability to read and write at an academic level in both languages, are especially encouraged to forward an application. Please note that only students currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree programme (2nd year or higher) at a Canadian university may apply.


1. To critically review 2-3 manuscripts per academic term, and make recommendations to the editorial board and Editor-in-Chief about publication.

2. To be open to other editorial projects as they arise, including, inter alia: blog post editing, providing feedback for editorial process development, and writing website content.

3. To act as a personal representative of The Undercurrent to your current university program, including attending any requisite meetings.

Selection Criteria

1. Enrollment in a Canadian undergraduate program (2nd year or higher).

2. Proven academic commitment (demonstrated by an academic average of B+ or better or a letter from a professor indicating applicant’s suitability for position).

3. Dedication to the field of IDS (may include, inter alia: previous research, experience, participation in development conferences and events, membership in an IDS students’ association, and internship or service with a relevant community organization).

4. Above average writing skills and an excellent command of language.

5. An appreciation of the mandate and history of the journal.

6. Evaluation skills (the ability to critically assess peers’ work and provide constructive feedback).

7. Reliability and commitment.


To apply for an Associate Editor position with Undercurrent, please forward the following to the Editor-in-Chief at eic@undercurrentjournal.ca:

1. One-page letter of intent

2. Undergraduate curriculum vitae

3. Copy of your latest student grade report (or a letter of recommendation from a professor indicating your suitability for an editorial position)

4. Writing sample (an academic essay you have authored, of a minimum 2,500 and maximum 5,000 words)

5. Completed editorial review (students applying for the Associate Editor position must read our Sample Review Manuscript and complete our Editorial Review Form)

Editorial reviews for the Undercurrent are completed using a Microsoft Word form, which allows the editor to highlight the numbers and fill in form fields, as appropriate. After reading the sample manuscript, provide a complete evaluation and comments (to both the prospective author and Editor-in-Chief) on the editorial review form. Save the completed form and include it with your application. Candidates should be familiar with the mandate of Undercurrent before executing a manuscript review. As the journal is dedicated to providing a non-partisan, supportive, yet critical and competitive forum, the editors view the peer review process as one that can be – and indeed should be – both positive and productive. Our outcomes, therefore, are geared toward helping student authors strengthen their work and gain practical knowledge about writing for an academic publication. With each review, our editors endeavour to provide constructive feedback in the form of useful suggestions and notes. To view examples of the kinds of manuscripts selected for publication in the Undercurrent, refer to the latest issue of the journal.




Each Faculty Editorial Advisor (FEA) is asked to review 3-5 essays submitted by IDS undergraduate students from across Canada, annually. The FEA is asked to provide his/her recommendation in terms of the manuscript’s suitability for publication, as well as advice for revision. Faculty Editorial Advisers are an invaluable part of the review process, and we greatly appreciate their support.

For more information, or to express interest in becoming a Faculty Editorial Advisor, please contact the Editor-in-Chief of the Undercurrent, Andrew Hay, at eic@undercurrentjournal.ca.