2014 is the Undercurrent’s 10th Anniversary!


2014 is the Undercurrent’s 10th Anniversary!

The Undercurrent was born in 2004 out of InSight, a gathering dedicated to undergraduate International Development Studies here in Canada. Since then, through the nation-wide collaborative efforts of its volunteers, it has provided valuable experience, improved academic writing skills, and the chance to be formally published to hundreds of undergraduate students. Now, at 10 years old, the Undercurrent is better positioned than ever to connect young Canadians in International Development Studies to a national discussion about our place, and our thoughts in this field. What can you expect in the coming months?

A new journal format that includes short journalistic pieces of 800 words, as well as the usual academic papers. As well, 3 issues will be published in February, May (for InSight!), and August, leading up to a special 10th Anniversary Issue to be published next December.

An interactive web forum to critique and debate ideas in a conversational format; to explore and discuss the implications of daily events on the development world; to share personal experiences and photos, from ‘study setups’ to field anecdotes; to highlight professionals’ experience and work in the field (via weekly Reddit-style ‘Ask Me Anythings’); to share travel experience and advice among an inherently peripatetic community; and to consolidate diverse entry-level job, volunteer, and internship opportunities into one easily viewable board.

The long overdue revival of the InSight Conference, this year at Brock University in St. Catherines, Ontario from May 28-30th! All accepted submission authors this year will be eligible for flight grants towards the conference, and authors of full manuscripts will be eligible to present their paper at the conference. Tie that in with professional development workshops, academic discussion, and networking opportunities for international development undergrads, and InSight will be the only conference of its kind in North America.

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