International Development students are unique: their daily studies are, in base form, explorations of the most daunting challenges the world has ever faced. The questions faced by these individuals are immense; their ability to find answers to them will be pivotal. Entirely student-run, The Undercurrent exists to help Canadian students find those answers. Our flagship peer-reviewed journal publishes the best of undergraduate student writing, and publicizes the student perspective for the academic and practitioner communities; an annual development student conference, InSight, offers an organized context for students from across the country to engage the Canadian International Development community; an online forum in development will provide the only platform of its kind for students, academics and professionals to relate around their common eclectic experience. By connecting students across the country with each other and with the wider international development community, The Undercurrent seeks to create a new, socially integrated model of Canadian international development education. ISSN 1712-0934.